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Fantasy Football: Week 2 Win

Today marks my first EVER win on fantasy football. That’s me, Beginner’s Luck, against Brian, the undergraduate who worked very close with me in the lab for the past several months, who also happened to be the person that started

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Being Healthy is 1, Everything Else is 0

Without the one, it doesn’t matter how many zeroes you have, you still have nothing. But with the one, every zero you have, becomes meaningful. It’s a Chinese old saying, at least my mom used to tell me so. I

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The Crash Reel Review

Sometimes You Can Only Accept the Reality… It’s sad, I know, but true. That’s exactly how I felt after watching the new documentary on HBO. Kudos to HBO and the production team on another home run of making such an

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开始用Day One


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最近开始用这个,,界面简洁实用,支持Windows、Mac、iOS以及Android各个平台。 推荐给各位有兴趣的童鞋。官方介绍视频:

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