The Crash Reel Review

Sometimes You Can Only Accept the Reality…

It’s sad, I know, but true. That’s exactly how I felt after watching the new documentary on HBO. Kudos to HBO and the production team on another home run of making such an inspirational film. The story about Kevin Pearce, aka KP, a talented young professional snowboarder, about his rise, his fall, and his recovery, about support, love, and family, as well as how traumatic brain injury (TBI) can change a person’s life in such a drastic but insidious way.

Shaun White[1] was virtually unbeaten for a long time before and after the 2006 Winter Olympics. After gaining some momentum by winning several championships over Shaun, KP became the favorite of possibly beating him again in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Just a little over a month before the game, at the end of the year 2009, while he was practicing a very technically challenging trick in the Superpipe, a terrible accident put KP in a coma and ICU for weeks…

Dreams shattered. Once an elite pro-snowboarder can no longer pursuit his passion. Then came the never-ending process of rehabilitation, which I can sort of relate to since I had my own fair share of physical therapy also from a ski accident. He wanted so bad to get back on the snowboard, and to be able to compete again. But he was no longer the same person. His brain suffered so much trauma that his eye sight, memory, and motor skills were all degenerated. Probably one small mistake when he was pushing off the slope, or just purely bad luck, his life’s trajectory was completely altered. [2]

On a side note: the human brain is such an amazing organ! I have always been most fascinated by three (types of) things: infinitesimally small things [3], immensely big things [4], and the human body [5], especially the brain.

Brain MRI

  1. Interesting (or not…) fact: Shaun White has the exact same birthday as my girlfriend, Sep. 3rd, 1986.  ↩
  2. The butterfly effect.  ↩
  3. Hence my PhD research.  ↩
  4. Such as the universe, the sea, the earth, etc.  ↩
  5. Hence, again, my PhD research.  ↩
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2 comments on “The Crash Reel Review
  1. Yang says:

    Agh. No – his life trajectory was not altered. If you repeat something dangerous for infinite times, your life trajectory converges to death. Did I say it out loud?

    • Xiaoning says:

      Well, in some way that’s true. Or maybe I should say prematurely altered, but that’s not the point. He could just be more lucky like Shaun White.

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