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Xiaoning WangWelcome to my website!

I received my PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University with Prof. Xin Zhang and Prof. Stephan Anderson as my advisors. My research projects involve utilizing different aspects of engineering approaches towards the design, fabrication, and characterization of next generation therapeutic and diagnostic agents for biomedical applications.

My curriculum vitae can be found here. More details on my research projects can be found here. To know more about me, please visit here.

Although the main purpose for this site is to showcase my professional achievements, and to help the recruiter and potential employer to know more about me, it is also meant to provide a space for the part of my personal life that I want to keep a record of, and also don’t mind sharing on the internet.

Please pardon the appearance of my site as it is still under development. Found a mistake or have any suggestions? No problem! Please leave a comment below or contact me. Your help and understanding is greatly appreciated!

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